Friday, November 8, 2013

Signature Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are given from the bride and groom as small tokens of appreciation for your attendance. The favors should reflect the couple's personality along with the wedding. Here are some of my signature favors.

These are one of the least expensive favors and can by DIY. The labels can be printed at home and filled with whatever candy the couple chooses.

This is one of the cutest favors. It is mints wrapped in burlap with a label and flower attached. The favors on right are very easy and affordable.

This is one the most creative, GREEN favors I know. Plus the guest would always have something to remember the couple's special day long after. 

I'm just in love with this favor. It goes great with a retro chic theme. The bottles are classic.

And you can't forget about the kids. This is great to keep them busy at the reception.