Sunday, April 20, 2014

Guestbook Alternatives

While working with a client I was introduced to a very creative and non-traditional guestbook idea. And it made me do some extra research on other different guestbook ideas. Here is some of the images I found.

Shutterfly allows you to create a photo book. Then at the ceremony or reception, guest could pick  their favorite picture and sign on that page.

This is the easiest by far. Hobby Lobby sells the metal letters. Choose your last name initial and have guest sign it.

I looked at different websites and turning a photo into a puzzle piece can get very expensive, up to $300. I suggest taking multiple photos (depending on your guest list) and taking to CVS or Walgreens and have them turn into a puzzle. Much more affordable. 

This is a very personable guestbook. And I love it because when friends and family from both sides (bride and groom) input their fingerprint, they all become apart of one "family tree."

I love this idea. I don't know if I'm the only person when I say this but when I look back at my photo guest book, some names I look at and I'm like who is that. With this guest book idea, you would have a face to match the name.