Sunday, March 16, 2014

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

I have come in contact with some people who don't understand what a wedding planner really does. I have heard one person ask with sincere honesty that with the money a planner charges, does the planner go out and buy the decoration and items for the wedding with that money. No. If that was the case then the planner would be working for free and would only be a personal shopper. That's just like hiring an interior designer and expecting them to buy the furnishings with the money you pay them. That logic doesn't make sense. When you go to a car repair shop, the shop charges a service fee or labor fee. Its the charge for the repairman to do the repair. Its the same with a wedding planner. The fee that a wedding planner charges is a service or labor fee. The bride pays for the wedding planner's expertise, ideas, time and energy.

Now what all a wedding planner's duties consist of differs from person to person. Some planners offer different packages which includes different things. For the most part, the job of a wedding planner is to guide the bride through all wedding decisions which includes:

  • wedding style consultation
  • provide a list of preferred vendors
  • assist on vendor visits
  • review all vendor contracts and confirmation with all vendors
  • professional management of wedding day itinerary, vendors, and wedding party
  • assist with reception set up along with vendors
  • assist with send-off which includes appointing responsibilities to have tux returned, bride's dress given to mom, etc.  
Some other duties may include personal shopping. Only in this case would the wedding planner actually go and buy decoration and items for wedding with money given to planner by the customer. This money is outside of the fee the planner charges for services. Also the planner can do the invitations, thank you cards, and help with registry. Usually these are additional charges. 

The planning can be done with most or all the bride's input. Or the bride can explain what type of wedding they want, trust that the planner can make their vision come to life and let the planner make all the decisions and the bride just shows up on the wedding day.  The planner can do as much or as little according to what the bride desires. Those decisions are agreed upon at the signing of the contract between the bride and planner.  

So with that being said, when setting a price for their services planners have to know their worth and every aspect that goes into planning; the time, effort, and gas driving around all over town. This is what brides need to consider when evaluating the fee wedding planners charge. 

Bottom line, the planner works for the bride. The bride is the employer and the planner is the employee. The planner charges per their expertise and experience. Being a wedding planner is a tedious tasks that requires the planner to be able to handle multiple personalities and ever-changing minds. My goal as a wedding planner is to help alleviate the stress that wedding planning may cause. I want to put the joy back into planning joyous occasions.

Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."