Sunday, September 22, 2013

City Hall Wedding

Most people frown upon a city hall wedding. But city hall weddings can be just as beautiful. People with a limited budget, I suggest having a city hall wedding that way your budget would be put towards the reception.  To be honest, the ceremony is for the couple and the reception is for your guests anyway. So having a small intimate ceremony with the parents and siblings is basically all you need. And then take, lets say $3,000 and throw a shebang reception including the extended family and friends. Hey if Carrie Bradshaw did it, surely you can do it.
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Here are more pictures and ideas of a city hall wedding.
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By it being a non-traditional site, the bride and groom gets to wear less formal attire giving them both room to be more creative in their apparel. And just think of all the photo opportunities you will have at city hall.

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