Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Strange & Popular Wedding Traditions Explained"

I ran across this cool article on MSN. It was explaining the origins of many wedding traditions that we know and do today.

Let's take a look at the explanations of some of the few strange and popular weddings traditions.

1. Wearing a white wedding dress
Queen Victoria wed Prince Albert in 1840 and she was the first to wear a white wedding dress. But before that brides wore the nicest dress out of their closet. In royalty, Queen Victoria traditionally was to wear a silver gown. She decided to go against tradition and wear a white satin gown, thus "unitentionally kick-started the tradition of the white wedding dress."

2. Having bridesmaids
Brides use to play a more serious role than throwing bachelorette parties and moral support. According to Roman Law, ten witnesses had to be present at the wedding to outsmart evil spirits. The bridesmaids would dress just like the bride so that the evil spirits would not know who the bride was and couldn't harm her. Bet you would think twice about being a bridesmaid now.

3. Wearing a wedding veil
Similar to the bridesmaids, the veil was to cover the bride's face so the evil spirit couldn't see her, therefore couldn't curse her.

4. Tossing the garter
Some historians believed that the removal of the garter by groom was symbolic of deflowering. But some believe in the superstition it represented. During the Middle Ages, the groomsmen and other men would bomb rush the bride to get the garter (off her leg under her dress). It was considered a prize, a good luck charm. I'm so glad only the groom gets the job of removing the garter.

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