Sunday, July 13, 2014

"Musthave Creative" Photos

The photos of your wedding are the most precious items from your wedding day that will be cherished for years and years. It is very important not to skim on the photography and choose a photographer with expertise, eye for detail, and creativeness. I found some of the most unique poses and special moments captured on photo that I suggest brides recommend to their photographers. *Note: there is nothing wrong with presenting the photographer a list of special photos you would like taken. The photographer may already have those in mind and maybe not.

A shot of the bride and her maids pre-wedding ceremony celebration.

A picture of the bridesmaids assisting with the bride's dress.

I love this picture of the bride and maid/matron of honor holding hands and groom and best man bumping fists. 

The bride and groom holding pictures of their parents on their wedding day. 

So cute. The bouquets in the form of the couple's last name initial.

Very creative using a collage of other wedding pictures into one picture of the bride and groom.

Awww. The flower girl assisting with zipping the bride's dress. 

Pictures courtesy of Pinterest

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